Monthly Archives: March 2016

Calaboose in Post, Texas (03-15-16)

Last year, a reader of my website sent me a picture of a calaboose in Post, Texas (Garza County) near Lubbock.  Today, Lindi Lawson stopped there on her way to Lubbock and took some photos for me.  As soon as I have a page for Garza County I will post what I know about it.  This is the only one so far that has a front facade like this.  Eager to see the inside.



Flatonia Calaboose (03-08-16)

Earlier, I believed that the calabooses on the Sanborn maps for Flatonia (Fayette County) were not the same as the one that is located today in the city park.  Recent evidence appears to have proven me wrong.  Therefore, the calabooses in Flationia that appeared under my “Vanished” menu have been deleted.