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Calaboose trip (04-29-16)

I returned last night from documenting several calabooses.  Information will be posted for one in Mineola (Wood County), Linden (Cass County), Dangerfield (Morris County), Emory (Wood County), and Hughes Springs (Cass County).

Calaboose day trip (04-25-16)

Today, I met with Audrey Rother at the local museum in McDade, Texas.  She showed me the key to the old calaboose that is no longer standing.  She also showed me a picture of the calaboose that used to be in nearby Paige.  I will be discussing these under Calabooses (Vanished) later.


Calabooses in McDade and Paige (04-24-16)

Another stroke of luck.  As I was going through old folders and organizing my calaboose letters and other papers I ran across a brochure about historic McDade in Bastrop County.  I called one of the members of the historical society and was told that there was a calaboose in McDade and Paige.  Thanks to Audrey Rother for her help.

calaboose in Fayetteville

Fayetteville, TX  DSC_5532a  12 Mar 16

This interesting building is on the upper floor of old the Fayetteville courthouse. If it were outside it would definitely be a calaboose.  I am debating whether or not to categorize it as a calaboose or place it in the “Other Jails” part of this website.

New information (04-02-16)

I have just looked at about 200 newspaper articles that will greatly enhance the utility of this website.  Lots of calabooses to be added and dates and other relevant information about those already posted.  The article below is about the new calaboose in Knox City being built in 1909.

Knox City (1909) copy