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Linden calaboose (10-16-15)

It is really special when readers of my website write and offer information.  Sue Larza is a resident of Linden and she wrote today and shared information about jails in her town.  She mentioned a metal cage that dates to 1855 as well as discussing the brick building that I believe is a calaboose. The metal cage reference is the first mention of one in Cass County.  Thanks Sue.

Barksdale Calaboose

Rhonda Holley and I found this interesting building in Barksdale (Edwards County).  At first glance, I knew it had to be a calaboose.  Upon closer inspection, I was not sure because it was different than any others I have seen.  When I talked to Pat Rogers, a resident of Camp Wood and employee of the local Chamber of Commerce, she did not think it could have been a jail.  Today, she sent email saying that it was “with a Sheriff and all.”  One never knows.  This photo is on the website and more information will be added later.

DSCN4726 copy