Cages and Cells

Most of the calabooses and jails recorded during this study consist of buildings with interiors and no cells on the inside.  A few have formal cells that were incorporated into the building design and extend from one wall to the opposite wall.  Metal cages and cells have been noted and it appears that the majority (if not all) of them were once located inside a structure.

Bosque County

Caldwell County

Colorado County

Deaf Smith County 

DeWitt County

Dimmit County 

Freestone County

Grayson County 

Hamilton County

Hardin County

Henderson County

Hidalgo County

Jefferson County

Karnes County 

Kinney County 

Knox County

Lampasas County

Lee County 

McLennan County 

Montgomery County 

Navarro County 

Palo Pinto County 

Presidio County

Rains County

Real County

Robertson County

Smith County

Travis County

Upton County

Washington County

Wood County

Wheeler County

Zavala County



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