Calabooses and Jails have become popular tourist attractions much like the Judge Roy Bean museum in Langtry where he referred to himself as the “Law West of the Pecos.”  A number of towns in Texas have realized this and have either created replicas or are considering it.

Brazos County

My Calaboose

From the beginning of this project, I considered building a calaboose someday.  Everything I have done except the use of modern electric drills and saws has its counterpart somewhere in the real universe of calabooses that I have found.  The size (8′ x 10′) is consistent with several of the smaller ones.  The wooden cell wall is a copy of the one in Lakeview, Texas.  The tin roof is typical, and I was fortunate to get old tin that could easily be over 50 years old.  The door offset to the right is also found on several calabooses.  Calaboose windows vary greatly in size and placement.  Therefore, I am okay in that area as well.  The bars are modern rebar.  I have seen calabooses with rebar for the bars but there are slight differences in that made many years ago.  The front door is solid metal with a window that can be opened to look through bars into the interior and the door to the cell is also metal.

Collin County

Frisco1Border copy

Replica of Frisco Calaboose

The City of Frisco were forced to demolish the existing calaboose due to safety hazards. I give them credit for recognizing the importance of a replica as something that can be used to teach others what it was like to have been locked up in a calaboose in their town.  This structure is located on the grounds of the Frisco Heritage Museum at 6455 Page Road in Frisco, Texas.  They can be contacted at (972) 292-5665.

Navarro County

jail[corsicana-tx][peace-officer-museum]2015-4 copy

Corsicana, Texas

Darryl Pearsons discovered this replica while documenting calabooses in Corsicana.  I am grateful for this information.


Billy Tallant from Pardon, Texas is acknowledged for his role in the construction of this very interesting replica.

Pecos County

2014-04-11 12.41.32

Pecos, Texas

Pecos, Texas is the county seat of Pecos County.  In the downtown area is a very nice park with some replicas of Old West buildings including the calaboose in this picture.  The town also as a very nice “West of the Pecos” museum and a “Memory Car Lane” museum.

Shackelford County


Fort Griffin Stockade