2 thoughts on “Author’s Vita

  1. John Keith

    Love your website! My brother and I have looked for the jail in Moore, Texas but could not remember where it was located. Could you share that info?

    1. Bill Post author

      Thanks for the compliment. It is very hard to find without some information up front because it is in very thick brush and at times barely visible from the road. From IH 35 take East 3rd south and cross the RR tracks. Then turn southwest on 2520. It will be on your left before the intersection of 2543 (aka Hemming Lane). You have to drive very slow. I think there is a utility pole nearby on the same side of the road. The GPS coordinates are 14 R; 498847 Easting and 3213754 Northing. It is privately owned but I don’t think the owner will mind a brief visit if all you do is take pictures. He lives just down the road.


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