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Possible jail in Lott, Texas

A reader of my website said that he had spent a night in a 12′ x 12′ jail in Lott, Texas in 1961.  I drove there today to look for it and found only a much larger brick building.  The windows in the front have bars but the door doesn’t.  A local told me that was the old jail.  I wonder if the small jail he was in could have been a metal cage on the inside?

Lott-2 copy

Daingerfield not a calaboose (05-02-16)

I found out that the small brick building attached to the two-story jail in Dangerfield (Morris County) was built as an office.  Still good to document the jail and I hope to get some historic photos.  A piece of good luck involving Hughes Springs.  There is a picture of the calaboose that used to stand near the RR track and a nice lady is going to send it to me tomorrow.