Articles and Other Writings

The articles and other writings below consist of those written by myself and others.  When possible, the entire article can be read directly from this website.  In other cases, the citation is given, and it can be obtained by contacting me at

Authored by William E. Moore

The Calabooses of Texas. In The Journal 133:37-40. published by the Houston Archeological Society in 2014).

The Sanborn Company Maps. In The Journal 133:35-36.published by the Houston Archeological Society in 2014).

The Calabooses of Burleson County, Texas, written in 2014.  Texas Calaboose Survey, Report Number 2.

Only A Memory: The Texas Calaboose and Other Forgotten Jails. Texas A&M University Press.  In Progress.

Authored by Others

Lockhart Free Press: Mystery of the 3rd Jail

Newspaper article about Burleson County calabooses

 Bedias Newsletter Jail Article

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